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The Rebranding of Millennial Investor

Oh what a busy couple of months it has been here at Millennial Investor. I started this blog in 2016 to offer investment advice, to expose hot new businesses in the new world of finance, and to expound on the technical details of various cryptocurrency projects. Today, I’m proud to announce that Millennial Investor is re-branding itself as a technology services company with various holdings in smaller ventures.

Why are we doing this? That’s a good question with a long answer. I’ll start at the beginning. The last piece I wrote, which has since been deleted, detailed The DAO and how it would reshape the corporate structure of the world. I stand by the fact that DAO’s will play a large part in the future of finance, but as you probably know, that particular DAO was a huge failure due to a hack. The article I wrote before that detailed Mycelium’s crowdsale and how you could invest in their token. While Mycelium is still a functioning wallet and relevant company, many speculate that the developers ran away with the funds received from their crowdsale, and that perhaps they aren’t going to release their promised, revamped wallet. This remains to be seen, but either way it is a little concerning.

Despite the fact that I warned there may never be a ROI on these projects, I still did not feel comfortable endorsing projects like those after their failures. I also moved to a new location and began developing other areas of my life and career, hence the lack of content for the past year. Within the past few months, however, with the help of my co-founder, Nicholas Wainer, we’ve come up with a viable new path for Millennial Investor, redesigned our homepage, developed new business contacts, and created our first subsidiaries.

Our new business model is to provide technology services including web design and app development as well as creative and marketing services through social media, branding, copy-writing and more. We’ll also be posting articles about the latest and greatest fintech projects and how-to articles on a litany of topics. Finally, we hold stakes in other ventures and will eventually expand our seed investment portfolio.

At the moment our primary focus is on Cash Bass, one of our affiliates as well as our subsidiaries, Aledu, Wanik, and Tone Smokers. We have a lot more in the pipeline and will be providing rates for our photography, marketing, and branding packages in the near future.

Millennial Investor is of the mindset that it’s not about how much money you have, it’s about who you know. We’re open to partnerships, collaborations, and adding new members to our team. If you think you can offer something to us or need our assistance with your projects, please get in touch.

Thank you for all the support you’ve provided, and stay tuned for our exciting future!

Written by Alex Duplessie

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